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Next time I come, I'll come with my album - my debut album. I'll definitely come carrying my debut album dad.
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donghyuk going to see his dad

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hanbin poking comforting donghyuk

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donghyuk sitting on bobby’s lap

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I heard that you worried a lot because I was so lacking at first. When I heard that, I was really sorry and thankful. When I blamed myself and said that it was impossible, you stayed behind with me till dawn and practised until I could do it. You told me, 'Nothing is impossible. All you have to do is try your best.' right? Sometimes when things get tough, or are not going right, I think of those words and whilst looking at hyung (Hanbin) who is still working hard, I gather myself again and practise. I learnt what being a leader means from you, and also what it means to be diligent. Let's do our best so that we can joke around on stage just like we usually do, and show everyone b team's charms.
to a friend like hyung, and to me, forever leader, Hanbin hyung - from maknae donghyuk.
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